ElliQ is a cool robot that’s like a buddy for older people who might feel lonely or live by themselves. It’s not like those robots in movies, you know humans like faces or bodies instead. It looks more like a stylish lamp with a round colorful head that moves around.

It also has this tablet screen where it shows messages, pictures, videos, and all sorts of stuff. The idea behind the ElliQ Robot isn’t to take the place of talking to real people but to add to it’s there to give some emotional support to help seniors feel more connected and keep their minds active and engaged.

Now unlike Siri or Alexa, This robot starts the conversation it’s all about getting things going like suggesting fun stuff to do or getting to know what you like and don’t like.

Why You Should Use ElliQ AI Robot

There are multiple AI robotic tools and products available in the market but it’s pretty clever at figuring out how you’re feeling too.

If you’re feeling a bit down ElliQ might talk in a software voice give its head a little tilt or play some chill music or something to make you laugh plus it’s really in tune with what’s happening around it.

Like whether it’s morning or night if it’s rainy or sunny outside or if there’s a lot of noise and then it changes how it acts based on all that.

All Right now let’s shift our attention to the core of the discussion the actual experiences of individuals using this robot I’ve got some heartwarming stories from a documentary called ELLiQ
The untold story but I’ll just quickly go over a few.

How Does ElliQ help you as a Nanny?

ELLIQ is also there to remind them about important things like medicines drinking enough water and eating healthy. It can suggest light exercises like yoga or tai chi which are good for both the body and mind.

When it comes to staying in touch it is a star. It helps seniors send messages share photos and videos and even make video calls with family and friends.

The best part is that it’s super easy to do with clear audio and video. It can even help them meet other people who have similar interests and a little community of creating friends for fun. ELLIQ has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

It can play games that are both fun and brain-boosting like trivia or chess. It keeps seniors up to date with the latest news weather and what’s happening on their calendar Plus it can take them on virtual tours to cool places like museums or beautiful landscapes. You can do this from the comfort of home this robot’s way is different from typical AI because it focuses on forming genuine lasting bonds. It is super intuitive it understands emotions and needs, helping to create a friendly, trusting relationship.

What’s Cool About ElliQ?

The cool thing about ELLIQ is that it’s empathic but doesn’t pretend to be human it’s a robot and it’s upfront about it which is pretty neat it has its personality and sense of humor and it’s honest about it capabilities and limits ELLIQ is also really personalized it doesn’t have one-track approach instead it adapts to each user’s lifestyle and preferences.

It learns from interactions tailoring its responses to fit each person’s needs and it’s respectful of personal space it offers help and suggestions without being pushy the robot is aware of the ethical questions around.

AI companionship makes it clear that it’s not trying to replace human interaction but rather add to it enhancing social connections and independence it has bridged gaps without creating overdependence in essence.

ELLIQ is more than just a robot it represents the evolving relationship between humans and machines and the potential of technology to enhance the quality of life, particularly for seniors. It is not just a product it’s a glimpse into a future where technology supports and enriches our lives.


It’s a big place with lots of people and many are over 65 with everything going on, especially with the pandemic hitting hard there over 300 seniors got this device for free this was possible because of some funding from the Department of Elder Affairs.

It’s been super helpful for these seniors to stay in touch and keep their spirits up Plus the folks working at the area aging agency can check in on them and offer help when needed all thanks to Nifty Gadget.

Now if you are wondering about the cost it’s not exactly cheap but it’s not over the top you pay $1499 once which covers the device its tablet setting it all up and the first year of service.

Who Uses ELLIQ?

Joyce Loiza 74 from Florida finds it like a friend who cheers her up and helps her stay connected with family it’s brought her joy and hope

Diana Dezern 68 also from Florida uses ELLiQ for comfort after losing her husband it’s a support system for her helping her remember good times and stay on top of her health.


Marie Broadbent 79 from California is a fun companion it entertains with games keeps her informed and helps her socialize with friends through video calls.

Now the robot is packed with features tailored for older adults like looking after their health and wellness It keeps track of their daily activities like how much they walk their heart rate and even how well they sleep.


As you know every tech company is investing in the AI devices and Technologies Era to sustain in this competitive market. Well in my opinion this is a new AI robot that helps old ages to get connect with friends and share everything.

If you’re looking to buy this product you can Visit their Website to buy and I must say that everyone is building something for the future but ElliQ is the most precious gift for Old Age civilians to relive their lives.

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