Meet Meline: 3D Animated Short Film

Today we have an inspiring 3D animated short film to inspire you named “Meet Meline” directed by Virgine Goyons & Sebastien Laban. We would love to see what do you think while watching Meet Meline: 3D nimated short film in comments below.

Story of Meline

“Meline is a little girl who spends most of her time in her grand-parents barn, drawing. One day, a scared furry little creature gets lost in the barn. All excited about this mysterious creature, Meline will now try as hard as she can to approach it and discover it.”

“Meet Meline” tells the story of a little girl named Meline, that will be faced with an extraordinary event. A strange little creature will appear on her life. So does Meline know that little creature, is it real, what will happen when she meets this mysterious creature for the first time? The audience follows Meline as she goes through many emotions from curiosity to excitement, and also fear or even passion!

Meet Meline: Short Film