Welcome to our comprehensive review of the finest WordPress themes for furniture businesses and online stores. Our evaluation process adheres to industry standards, ensuring that we present you with only the most dependable and effective options.

Regrettably, out of the numerous themes tested, we had to eliminate 21. Nonetheless, we have gathered a selection of 21 WordPress themes for furniture that deliver all the necessary features.

While we acknowledge that the top 3 themes went beyond our expectations, the ultimate choice should be based on how well the theme aligns with your company’s identity.

Crafting an exceptional furniture website can be achieved more swiftly than you might imagine, thanks to these WordPress themes. The best part? You don’t need any technical expertise to get started.

Best WordPress Themes for Furniture & Interior

Presented here is our assemblage of WordPress themes tailored for those managing furniture stores or websites dedicated to exhibiting and vending interior design items, furniture, sofas, and related products.

1. Bridge – Furniture WordPress Theme

Bridge WordPress Theme

Bridge offers three exceptionally exclusive and captivating demos tailored for your furniture projects. Each demo possesses its own distinctiveness, solidifying Bridge’s position as one of the most exceptional WordPress themes for furniture available in the market.

Among the myriad of features and attributes that Bridge boasts, you can experience the mesmerizing parallax effect, a dynamic slider for testimonials, skill bars that come to life with animations, a convenient back-to-top button, and the inclusion of social media icons.

However, these features only scratch the surface of the comprehensive array of offerings and qualities that become accessible when you opt for Bridge. Elevate the uniqueness of your furniture website with the unmatched potential of Bridge, ensuring your enduring prominence.

2. Divi – Overall Best WordPress Theme

Divi Best WordPress Theme

Embarking on the journey of creating your furniture store becomes a delightful experience when you choose Divi. This versatile WordPress theme caters perfectly to your vision, offering a comprehensive set of tools and elements to streamline your concepts and strategies.

With Divi’s exceptional drag-and-drop page builder and pre-designed resources, your very own furniture website can be set up swiftly and effortlessly. Maximize the potential of Divi’s features to witness the enchanting transformation unfold before your eyes. Your website will exude a captivating allure, ensuring your message reaches your audience effectively.

Moreover, Divi extends its support in the form of prompt assistance and a plethora of valuable resources, ensuring your website launch is not only smooth but also successful.

3. KALLYAS – Best WordPress Theme for Furniture

KALLYAS WordPress Theme

KALLYAS is one of the best furniture WordPress themes. This theme stands out as a highly efficient and adaptable WordPress theme tailored for furniture businesses. Beyond its striking responsiveness, it serves as a robust platform for crafting websites, boasting an intuitive visual builder developed in-house, comprising over 150 modifiable elements.

This theme’s versatility shines through its captivating employment of parallax scrolling effects, alongside its visually pleasing one-page and multi-page layouts. These layouts come with comprehensive customization options, allowing you to fine-tune every detail to match your preferences.

Elevating the website’s allure are top-tier Shopping Cart Plugins, including Slider Revolution, seamlessly enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, user-friendly widgets and captivating hero scenes work in tandem to instantly elevate the visual appeal of your pages and content. The integration of MailChimp for subscription newsletters is primed to facilitate the collection of new leads, propelling your business forward.

With KALLYAS, crafting your desired website becomes a consistent reality, each and every time.

4. Jevelin – Best Interior WordPress Theme

Jevelin WordPress Theme

Jevelin is a lightweight and responsive theme in the list of WordPress themes designed for furniture websites. Its efficient framework facilitates the rapid creation of modern and impressive sites.

With Jevelin, you don’t need to invest time in complex demo websites for various purposes. Instead, you can simply choose a template that suits you and then personalize it extensively using a wide array of widgets and elements.

Enhance your website’s appeal by incorporating robust portfolios, engaging blogs, a dedicated store section, and more. Jevelin’s versatility caters to users across diverse industries, offering innovative solutions for their needs.

Captivating parallax visual effects adds a touch of elegance to your content, keeping your visitors engrossed. The inclusion of captivating video backgrounds and sliders elevates the navigation experience, creating a truly immersive effect that leaves a lasting impression on every viewer.

5. Rey

Rey WordPress Theme

Rey stands out as an innovative WordPress theme suitable for a wide range of online stores, including furniture shops. It offers a variety of adaptable templates that can be effectively utilized from the moment of installation. The theme also integrates with Elementor, a visual page builder that eliminates the need for manual coding.

Among its key attributes are an abundance of UI elements and pre-designed pages, the ability to construct customized headers and footers, a mega menu option, pop-up functionality, quick product viewing, and a modular design approach.

Notably, Rey’s creative web design aims to deliver an unparalleled and exceptional shopping journey for users. This is why users express their dedication to using this theme from furniture WordPress themes.

6. Ekko

Ekko WordPress Theme

With Ekko, you have the ability to launch any type of website you desire, and if you’re interested in starting an online furniture shop, the provided sample will have you covered.

Once you unbox the Ekko kit, you’ll discover that it includes everything you need. From the technical aspects to impressive front-end and internal layouts, Ekko caters to all your needs.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to completely transform the appearance or stick with the ready-to-use version.

Ekko ensures responsiveness, compatibility across various browsers, and a design that looks great on high-resolution screens. Not to mention, you won’t have to be concerned about loading speed or optimizing for search engines – Ekko handles both effectively.

Take advantage of the robust furniture WordPress theme options available and create a contemporary furniture store using the Ekko theme today.

7. Konte

Konte WordPress Theme

Konte is another one of the best furniture WordPress themes. If you appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, Konte presents itself as the ideal WordPress theme for your preferences. This versatile platform easily adapts to a wide range of purposes, including serving as a furniture-themed WordPress template.

Featuring an impressive array of 14 captivating demos, 7 product pages, 11 shop pages, and 12 header options, Konte provides ample choices for customization.

Furthermore, Konte comes equipped with essential tools like the WPBakery page builder, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce integration, an array of color options, a built-in product filter, and a live search feature with suggestions.

With these comprehensive features, you’ll have everything necessary to swiftly establish your online furniture store. Konte also stays up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations, ensuring a forward-looking and resilient online presence.

8. Webify

Webify WordPress Theme

To everyone involved in the furniture sector, it’s highly recommended that you promote your services and conduct online sales using the remarkable Webify WordPress theme specifically designed for furniture businesses. If you want to increase your sales and get good service results, use the Webify theme from furniture WordPress themes. This exceptional theme enables you to kickstart your online presence promptly.

Setting up is a breeze; by sticking to Webify’s default settings and adding your content and specifics, you can go live within minutes. Naturally, Webify is an extremely customizable website design that can be adjusted to perfectly align with your preferences and prerequisites.

Webify further provides the flexibility to select from a variety of internal page layouts, numerous header and footer options, and an extensive library of content blocks and modules. With Webify, a single theme is all you truly need to establish a top-notch website.

9. Auros

Auros WordPress Theme

Auros stands as a specialized WordPress theme designed for furniture, seamlessly fueled by Elementor and WooCommerce.

With your content prepared, constructing your fresh eCommerce website becomes a simple task. Importantly, coding skills are not a prerequisite to achieving your goals.

Within the package, an impressive assortment of 24 homepage layouts await, poised to expedite your setup process.

Furthermore, Auros guarantees mobile responsiveness, compatibility across various browsers, and high-resolution display adaptability. Diverse shop and blog page designs are also included, alleviating the necessity to commence from square one.

10. Halena

Halena WordPress Theme

Halena stands out as a sleek and responsive multipurpose eCommerce theme for WordPress. This theme is known as a good addition to the furniture WordPress themes. It offers a rapid and uncomplicated way to establish contemporary online stores.

With Halena, creating your shop is a breeze, no matter the specific market you’re targeting.

The furniture-oriented demo within Halena presents a clean and uncluttered structure, ideal for effectively displaying your merchandise.

Halena proves to be a favorite among furniture retailers, designers, and makers. Additionally, its user-friendly visual page builder significantly simplifies various design responsibilities.

11. Addison

Addison WordPress Theme

Introducing Addison, a pristine WordPress theme designed for furniture enthusiasts. With its collection of 5 unique homepage designs and a plethora of internal pages, Addison empowers you to establish a comprehensive website for your furniture-oriented business without the need for external plugins. Everything you require is meticulously integrated within its feature-rich package.

The beauty of Addison lies in its flexibility – each sample element can be effortlessly tailored to reflect your individual style and preferences. Seamlessly compatible with WooCommerce, the theme boasts a range of features including a handy cost calculator, diverse header options, persistent navigation, and versatile layouts for both blogs and portfolios.

Moreover, Addison ensures a smooth experience through its detailed documentation and reliable customer support. With Addison, you’re equipped with everything you need to embark on your online journey. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the possibilities with Addison!

12. InteriArt

InteriArt WordPress Theme

InteriArt has been designed for furniture and home accessory stores.

As this theme has a strong portfolio component due to which it occupies a prominent place in furniture WordPress themes, if you are offering any services related to furniture, such as design, upholstering, or advice, InteriArt should align well with your needs. That’s not to say it doesn’t have the necessary eCommerce functionality to create an online furniture store with WordPress, it’s just that it has lots more going on than that.

The gallery tool of InteriArt is another reason to consider this theme. If you have lots of photos of your furniture or other related images you want to share with your visitors, you can display that content in many different attractive ways on your site. The social media integration is good, too, giving you another way to share content with your audience.

13. Drile

Drile WordPress Theme

Drile represents a modern WordPress theme tailored for furniture stores, designed to cater to both individual brand websites and online furniture retail platforms. With a selection of 10 visually stunning and captivating demos, Drile offers versatility in its presentation.

The theme adopts a minimalist approach, prioritizing a clean and uncluttered format to effectively highlight products and deliver content without unnecessary distractions. Noteworthy functionalities encompass Slider Revolution and WPBakery, multiple search designs, a convenient cart drop-down, engaging video pop-ups, and support for RTL languages.

The integration of Google Maps allows for easy display of your store’s location, while the inclusion of a blog feature encourages communication and interaction. Drile is a comprehensive solution that merges aesthetics with practicality for a compelling furniture retail website experience.

14. Konsept

Konsept WordPress Theme

Konsept stands out as a captivating WordPress theme dedicated to furniture, boasting a plethora of ready-to-use layouts. This theme is another masterpiece in furniture WordPress themes. Its visually pleasing design is entirely customizable, eliminating the necessity for any coding involvement.

Designed to cater to both novices and experts, Konsept empowers you to craft a high-tier eCommerce furniture website effortlessly.

Encompassing essential online store pages, assorted elements, a blog, portfolio capabilities, an array of shortcodes, and a persistent header, Konsept’s features are abundant and diverse. Additionally, comprehensive documentation and expert assistance guarantee a seamless website setup process.

15. MyDecor

MyDecor WordPress Theme

Like many of the other best furniture WordPress themes, MyDecor is a theme designed for creating online furniture stores with WordPress.

The MyDecor demos prove highly effective for furniture shops, offering a diverse array of possibilities for configuring your store using this theme. Similar to top-notch furniture themes, MyDecor seamlessly integrates with the widely used and robust Elementor page builder plugin, granting you complete creative authority over your site’s appearance.

Included within the MyDecor package are numerous shop templates catering to different sections of your store. The library encompasses a variety of standalone product page templates and an extensive assortment of layouts for product categories, allowing you ample choices. Advanced features like Ajax pagination and infinite scroll are at your disposal to elevate your store’s functionality and user experience.

Additionally, the inclusion of product filters, a robust search tool, and the ability to display 360-degree product views collectively contribute to lending your store a polished and professional ambiance.

16. Modus

Modus WordPress Theme

Modus stands out as one of the finest WordPress themes for furniture and decor. This offers a diverse range of homepage layouts and furniture store demonstrations that cater to various design preferences. These demos cater to both upscale furniture boutiques, focusing on a handful of exclusive pieces, and expansive stores aiming to provide customers with extensive options. Moreover, Modus provides an array of templates that facilitate the display of individual products and product categories.

One standout feature is the flexibility to combine templates from different Modus demos. This adaptability is particularly valuable for aligning your store with the trajectory of your business growth. Editing these templates is a breeze using the included WPBakery Page Builder, which employs an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. To further amplify this tool’s capabilities, Modus includes a premium add-on for WPBakery, introducing a wealth of additional modules and features.

Beyond its design prowess, Modus boasts a robust selection of eCommerce functionalities, underscoring its suitability for creating a dynamic and effective online furniture retail experience.

17. Sofani

Sofani WordPress Theme

Sofani goes beyond being just a WordPress theme tailored for online sofa sales. Regardless of the furniture type your e-commerce store specializes in, Sofani offers a versatile solution. Its assortment of diverse demos and homepage templates caters to various styles, making the theme widely adaptable. Moreover, these templates are highly customizable, courtesy of the bundled premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Should you prefer not to directly sell through your website, Sofani provides a catalog mode enabling you to showcase your furniture collection online. This aspect makes Sofani particularly suitable for furniture brands aiming to establish a robust digital presence. Additionally, the theme offers an impressive array of portfolio templates, which proves beneficial for such ventures.

Sofani incorporates all the necessary features to seamlessly integrate a product comparison tool into your website.

18. Davici

Davici WordPress Theme

Davici has a good selection of demos for furniture and homeware stores. Furniture WordPress Themes play an important role in complementing beauty and worth.

Thanks to a selection of eCommerce demonstrations, you should be able to discover a suitable design using Davinci. These demonstrations adhere to the well-established design style that has gained popularity through various eCommerce platforms you may have previously visited. Rather than opting for an unconventional approach, the emphasis of Davici templates lies in functionality, aiming to present a multitude of products to your customers effectively.

While the Davinci demos display some commendable diversity, they all share homepage templates that are brimming with products. This makes Davici a reliable choice if your store intends to showcase substantial inventory to your desired audience. Notable features like the dynamic Ajax-powered live search and the easily accessible sidebar cart contribute to giving your store a polished and professional appearance.

19. Arredo

Arredo WordPress Theme

Arredo presents a sleek and contemporary design tailored for crafting minimalist furniture stores. If you’re in search of a furniture theme offering an extensive array of captivating and diverse templates. Arredo precisely fits the bill. Beyond its visually appealing homepage templates. The theme boasts a plethora of shop templates that skillfully exhibit your products in various formats. The assortment of grid layouts encompasses an array of styles, including options like metro and masonry layouts, among others.

Additionally, Arredo provides multiple portfolio templates, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your product lines and presenting furniture items, even if your primary aim isn’t online sales. Hence, if your intention is to establish a website for a furniture brand or artisan, this theme seamlessly aligns with your goals. Notably, Arredo also offers a comprehensive selection of templates necessary for launching a furniture-centric blog.

20. Töbel

Töbel WordPress Theme

Töbel presents a sophisticated design tailored for crafting exquisite premium furniture websites. It stands out as one of the most exceptional WordPress themes catering to the furniture niche.

The theme doesn’t fall short on other valuable features either. Noteworthy examples encompass the ability to construct pricing tables, panels dedicated to client and customer testimonials, and strategically placed call-to-action elements. The eCommerce facet of Töbel is powered by WooCommerce.

In essence, Töbel transcends its role as an eCommerce theme. Proving to be a versatile solution suitable for a wide array of furniture-related websites.

21. Outstock

Outstock WordPress Theme

Outstock is designed to cater to a diverse group of furniture store owners, appealing to a broad audience. The templates offered by Outstock are well-suited for showcasing expansive images of your products and related items. This makes Outstock an ideal option for those who aim to leverage compelling visuals to entice their visitors into making furniture purchases. Utilizing the sliders and other image-centric features of the theme. You can effectively present photographs of your furniture in elegant arrangements, often accompanied by high-end complementary pieces.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Outstock boasts a plethora of functional eCommerce capabilities. Noteworthy among these features is a dedicated panel for highlighting your trending products, a wish list functionality enabling visitors to bookmark items for future consideration, and a product quick view option that allows for the thorough inspection of items.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a product carousel and Zoom tools adds even more incentives to explore the possibilities that Outstock offers.


When it comes to selecting the best WordPress themes for furniture websites, it’s crucial to strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and versatility. While themes like Bridge offer exceptional design and features tailored specifically to furniture stores, options like Divi shine as all-purpose themes, capable of accommodating a wide range of website types.

Ultimately, the “best” WordPress furniture theme depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you require a dedicated and visually appealing furniture-focused website, you can choose any theme listed above.