Beautiful Black and White People Photography

Below you will find Black and White Photography examples of people. We are not stating they are the most effective photos in the world but they are worthy of viewing to get some inspiration. We will love to know what you feel while viewing these Black and White Pictures in the comments below.

Stunning Portraits of Homeless Peoples by Lee Jeffries

Outstanding Black and White Portraits of Homeless Peoples by Lee Jeffries an artist and photographer from Manchester in the United Kingdom. Lee starts to photograph sporting events. He change his artistic approach forever after meeting with a young homeless girl in the streets of London. For more information about Lee Jffries visit his portfolio.

Surreal Photography by Hossein Zare

Hossein Zare is a self-learned professional photographer based in Bushehr, Iran. Hossein begins his work by catching wonderful scenery or cityscape images, and then makes amazing surrealistic artworks using photo manipulations.

Bokeh Photography Inspiration

Here you can see 40+ beautiful examples of Bokeh Photography to inspire you to make bokeh photography. The term Bokeh is Japanese words that meas “blur”. In photography the blur describe the quality of the blur in the out of focus regions of an image. We have rounded up 40+ breathtaking examples of bokeh photography for your …

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Stunning Levitation Photography

Ever since ancient times, men have always wanted to conquer the sky, and get from one place to another by flying. French aeronautical inventor and engineer Alphonse Pénaud was one of the most notable contributors in aviation history. In August 1871, he built a successful rubber-powered model of the aeroplane which was called “Planophore”. As …

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Beautiful Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-Shift Photography or miniature faking is a creative and unique type n’ style of photography. In which the camera is manipulated so, that the subject or life-sized locations looks like miniaturized. Have a look at the beautiful miniaturized Tilt-Shift Photography…

40 Cool and Creative Cupcake Designs

40 creative, eye-catching and yummy Cupcake Designs for your inspiration. This post is to inspire you with the creative cupcake deisgns submitted by designers worldwide. More creative food photography below.