If you’re searching for WordPress bbPress forum themes, you’ve come to the right place! We are big fans of bbPress WordPress themes and use them for our theme support forum, and we are sure you will love them too.

bbPress WordPress themes give you the best solution to easily integrate forums into your WordPress website. However, instead of going through this process right away why not choose a theme that already comes with bbPress integration? This way, you can save time and effort, especially if you’re starting.

Our curated list of themes includes options compatible with the latest WordPress version and popular plugins, ensuring you get the best solution and optimal user experience for your visitors.

Best WordPress Forum Themes

Including a forum section on your website can greatly improve your online company, strengthen your brand image, and promote meaningful connections with individuals in your slot or industry. And to clarify all these things we have collected a collection of 10 best bbPress WordPress Themes for you.

1. Impreza – WordPress Forum Theme

Impreza WordPress Forum Theme

Impreza boasts robust support for bbPress integration, making it one of its standout features. This theme is one of the best bbPress WordPress themes. Additionally, it has seamless animated columns, Woocommerce compatibility, and the ability to add an image to any page.

Impreza offers a comprehensive set of customization possibilities including advanced typography options, unlimited colors, parallax effect backgrounds, and a wide selection of styles offering slider resolutions.

2. KLEO – Pro Community Theme

Kleo bbpress Forum Theme

KLEO is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme forum theme designed to meet all your modern website needs. This theme offers easy customization options according to your preferences whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner.

KLEO allows you to easily add or remove elements and customize the default appearance to give you complete control over the look and feel of your website.

The theme also includes the WPBakery page builder, which eliminates the need for coding skills to create a polished and professional website. This makes the website-building process simple and accessible to users of all levels.

3. Church – WordPress Theme

Church Discussion WordPress Theme

Church and Events is a dedicated WordPress theme crafted specifically for churches and events. This theme is another one of the best bbPress WordPress themes. It is designed to be fully responsive and this feature caters to both experienced developers and users and makes it is great choice for anyone.

With a focus on creating impressive church event websites, this theme offers a pixel-perfect design, CSS and parallax effects, large-sized elements, scrolling effects, and stylish metro-style icons and fonts on every page.

4. Ekko – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Ekko Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Ekko is a universal multi-purpose WordPress theme that offers endless options and possibilities, which makes it perfect for a variety of multi-purpose including setting up a forum.

You have the flexibility to start with any type of page you want through which you can easily integrate a forum into your website. Moreover, you can expand and expand your website in the future by adding a blog and even an online store.

The Ekko’s design is marked by its clean and essential style, thanks to its special attention to detail. The theme comes with social media icons, a customizable sidebar, a footer reveals function, and a range of different widgets, enhancing its overall appeal and functionality.

5. LeadEngine – WordPress Theme with Page Builder

Leadengine WordPress Theme with page builder

LeadEngine stands out as the ultimate and sophisticated WordPress forum theme, built on the foundation of bbPress. As a multi-purpose theme, it comes with a powerful page builder that empowers you to create any type of website you envision.

With LeadEngine, you not only get access to a full demo that serves as a starting point, but you also have the freedom to completely customize it according to your preferences and creative ideas.

Regardless of how extensive your web design adjustments may be, LeadEngine ensures that the final output functions seamlessly across all platforms, offering a top-notch user experience for visitors.

6. Vellum – Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum is a highly adaptable WordPress theme that suits any type of website. It offers immense potential with its innovative design and extensive capabilities. It also optimizes search engines while increasing your website visibility and the theme is fully responsive ensuring seamless viewing on various devices.

Vellum’s standout feature is its distinctive structure, enabling you to craft a unique layout design that perfectly matches your vision. The theme comes equipped with an array of wonderful features, including a user-friendly drag-and-drop page composer, UberMenu mega menus for enhanced navigation, and engaging parallax backgrounds.

7. Sway – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Sway Business WordPress Theme

Sway is the perfect solution for effortlessly creating a bbPress forum with confidence. This theme includes all the necessary tools and extensions to eliminate the need for additional plugins or add-ons.

What’s even more impressive is that Sway is not limited to just forums; it can be used for almost any type of website. Sway provides all the templates to use to streamline the process so you can add a community section to your site. Furthermore, Sway offers excellent flexibility in terms of language support.

8. Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme

Olympus Social Networking Theme

Olympus bbPress is an exceptional WordPress forum theme that is a seamless way to start your community or social network without hiring coders or designers to build a website platform from scratch thanks to which you can start a good social network.

With an abundance of pre-designed content at your disposal, the Olympus theme makes it incredibly easy to create a forum and build a thriving community. The theme is rich in fantastic options that allow you to easily set up a completely fall social network.

9. Cera – Intranet Community Theme

Cera Intranet Community Theme

Cera is an elegant WordPress theme designed for intranets and communities, seamlessly compatible with the popular bbPress plugin. With 6 unique and resourceful demos to choose from, you’ll find it easy to get started.

Notably, Cera adheres to all the latest trends and web regulations, ensuring a modern and compliant online presence.

The theme offers a rich bundle of features to launch your website like a pro and do everything you need to do. From a user dashboard, paid and free membership options, and private messaging to an activities wall and global Ajax search, Cera includes a wide range of functionalities and more.

10. Vikinger – BuddyPress and GamiPress Theme

Vikinger Social Community Theme

With Vikinger all the hassles are taken care of so that your problem can be solved quickly. Bring your social network to life faster than you think thanks to the powerful Vikinger WordPress theme. It will allow you to concentrate solely on adding the perfect finishing touches. This theme offers an endless list of features that ensure that everyone can enjoy the full potential of the Vikinger theme.

From user profiles, badges, and reactions to rankings, a bbPress forum, private groups, Twitch integration, GamiPress support, and a blog module, Vikinger comes packed with goodies that enhance your social network.


While all the themes have their strengths, “Impreza” stands out as the best overall option. It offers strong bbPress integration, WooCommerce compatibility, a user-friendly page builder, and extensive customization possibilities, making it suitable for various types of websites and user levels.

KLEO” takes the runner-up spot with its versatility and excellent bbPress integration, specifically targeting forum and community-based projects.

It’s essential to remember that the best theme ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Each theme mentioned above has its unique strengths, catering to different niches and requirements.