Truly Elegant Work of a Painstaking Digital Artist

MayFong PortraitsMay Fong Robinson (MayFong) is blessed with artistic talent. She is a digital artist who is fond of the traditional approach and was born in Taiwan (Taipei) but later her family moved to Canada. Drawing was something that she has always enjoyed since her childhood. She discontinued her passion due to some other matters, until some 2-3 years ago when she came across Deviant Art website, which acted as a stimulus for her. She did a self study to understand the new way of making art pieces. After sometime she started using the Wacom Tablet and Painter Software. She worked hard and studied as many tutorials as she could to learn and bring improvement in her work. She started using Photoshop later. Her efforts have bore fruits for her and her work is appreciated by a many today. Her portfolio could be seen on deviantART.

Amazing Traditional Art Paintings

Amazing Traditional Art Paintings by Carty SewillPainting always inspired Me and I’m sure they inspire many out there too. Here we will show you some Amazing Paintings work form the Portfolio of Carty Sewill for your inspiration. Hope you like the Acrylic Ink painting. Lets have a look at, share your comments with us.

Ridiculously Inspiring Painting

Ridiculously Inspiring Painting by Françoise NiellyFrançoise Nielly lives in the World of Images. She has explored the different facets of “image” all her life, through Painting, Photography, Roughs, Illustrations and Virtual, computer generated animated graphics which means painting is her direction and passion.

She gets her sense of space and construction from her father, who was an architect. She’s passionate, who loves life, wide open spaces, sushi, blue lagoons, the Internet, humor, books, Paris, New York and Vancouver. Resolutely inscribed in her epoch.