Inspirational Digital Art by Mike Campau

Inspirational Digital Art by Mike CampauMike Campau is a USA based Digital Art professional, currently working under SeventhStreet Studio as as Creative Director, having 15+ years experience in Graphics Design, Art Direction, CG 3D and Image Design (Retouching).

Here we will show you a few example of Digital Art, Digital Imaging, Advertising, Illustration, Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation form Mike Campau Gallery. Here you can find more about Mike.

40 Stunning Digital Photo Manipulation Artworks

40 Stunning Digital Photo Manipulation ArtworksIn this collection we are going to show you 40 awesome examples of Digital Art and Photo Manipulation, where an artist play with different kind of elements to create something special like you can find below.

We really much appreciate those designers who have done this amazing Digital artworks. Lets you refresh your mind.

Photoshop Basics: Brush Tool Tutorial

Photoshop Basics: Brush Tool TutorialThis tutorial is very useful for the Beginner by to learn Photoshop like in this tutorial, how to use Photoshop Brush Tool by TehAngelsCry. The beauty of explanation amazingly very simple, elegant and easy to understand for even though who are using Photoshop for the First time! I’m really impressed and sure many people will find this tutorial very helpful.

Mind Blowing Photography by Suren Manvelyan

Mind Blowing Photography by Suren ManvelyanSuren Manvelyan is a professional Photographer form Yerevan, Armenia. He was born in 1976 and started Photography when was 16 years old. In 2006 he became a professional Photographer and now he’s leading Photographer in “Yerevan” Magazine.

Suren involved in all fields of Photography especially in Macro, Portraits, Creative Photo Projects and Landscape. He loves to play Musical Instuments like Guitar, Cello, Piano, Block Flute and Lyre.

Ridiculously Inspiring Painting

Ridiculously Inspiring Painting by Françoise NiellyFrançoise Nielly lives in the World of Images. She has explored the different facets of “image” all her life, through Painting, Photography, Roughs, Illustrations and Virtual, computer generated animated graphics which means painting is her direction and passion.

She gets her sense of space and construction from her father, who was an architect. She’s passionate, who loves life, wide open spaces, sushi, blue lagoons, the Internet, humor, books, Paris, New York and Vancouver. Resolutely inscribed in her epoch.

30 Spectacular Cinema 4D Digital Artworks by Mark Gmehling

30 Spectacular Cinema 4D Digital ArtworksMark Gmehling is a Germany based Cinema 4D designer, specialized in Character Design, Animation and Rigging. He studied in Art, Graphics Design and Marketing and teaching for graphics design and communication at University of Germany.

He has been in this industry about eight years by last five years, writing c4d tutorials for the 3dattack magazine, also offering commercial work as a Graphics Designer and offering In House/Online c4d training.

Steve Goodin – Digital Art Showcase for Your Inspiration

Digital Art Showcase for Your InspirationSteve Goodin, also known as DEMEN1, is a USA based Graphic Artist/Designer/Illustrator who produces both personal and freelance work. He is also works professionally as a Motion Graphics Designer/Animator. Along with strong 3D modeling/Animation experience, Steve Goodin has planted his feet firmly where he wants to be to further his creative self expression.