Explore a collection of the world’s most stunning and exotic desktop mountain wallpapers in this post, designed to ignite your inspiration. Feel free to download these captivating mountain wallpapers to adorn your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Immerse yourself in the magnificence of these landscapes, drawing closer to the beauty of Mother Nature. Elevate your digital surroundings by downloading these high-resolution mountain wallpapers at no cost.

This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss for nature enthusiasts – grab these 25 astonishing mountain wallpapers and bring the breathtaking outdoors to your desktop.

Best Mountain Desktop Wallpapers

Everyone is looking for mountain desktop wallpapers to enhance the look of their desktops screens and some of us are very attached to nature. That’s why we’ve found the best mountain desktop wallpapers for you. Let’s dive in to see the beautiful mountain desktop wallpapers.

1. Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is one of Washington state’s prime attractions, celebrated for its stunning landscapes, remote ambiance, and challenging terrain. This wallpaper is one of the best desktop mountain wallpapers. The trail encompassing all four sides is a feat reserved for seasoned adventurers. The mountain derives its name from the grand cloud type known as cumulus, which occasionally lingers in the sky, resembling an immense and captivating formation.

2. Stepantsminda

Stepantsminda, situated in Georgia, This wallpaper is an amazing masterpiece of desktop mountain wallpapers that attracts viewers. The renowned Gergeti Church, illuminated in the darkness, graces the scene as part of the captivating Georgian landscape during the late autumn season.

3. Fanjingshan


Fanjingshan, also known as Mount Fanjing, is situated in the Tongren region of Guizhou province. It holds the distinction of being the tallest summit within the Wuling Mountains, found in the southeastern part of China. This wallpaper is included in the list of mountain desktop wallpapers because of its breathtaking scenery.

4. Iztaccíhuatl Mountain

Iztaccíhuatl Mountain

This beautiful mountain wallpaper is one of the best mountain desktop wallpapers. “Iztaccíhuatl” in Nahuatl translates to “White Woman,” describing the mountain’s four distinct snow-covered peaks that resemble the head, chest, knees, and feet of a reclining female figure when viewed from the east or west.

5. Khustup Mount

 Khustup Mount

Mount Khustup holds a sacred significance for all Armenians, as the slopes of this mountain serve as the final resting place of the national hero Garegin Nzhdeh. The mount is revered as a natural landmark of caves, forests, cliffs, and numerous small rivers. It is included in Mountain Desktop Wallpapers because of its beauty and historical location

6. Moraine Lake Mountain

Moraine Lake Mountain

Only Mother Nature could have crafted the remarkable arrangement of towering mountains encircling the deep blue expanse of the lake. This mountain wallpaper is one of the featured mountain desktop wallpapers that contains many beautiful scenery.

7. Braies

Braies, located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy, is a picturesque and charming destination known for its stunning natural beauty. One of the most captivating features of Braies is its glacial lake, Lago di Braies (also known as Pragser Wildsee in German). This alpine lake is surrounded by majestic mountains, dense forests, and picturesque meadows, making it a popular spot for photographers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts.

8. Night at Lake

Experience the captivating charm of a night by the lake through this stunning wallpaper and I must say that it is one of the finest mountain desktop wallpapers. Under the velvety night sky, stars twinkle like diamonds, casting their shimmering reflections onto the calm waters. Towering mountains provide a majestic backdrop, their outlines softened by the moon’s gentle glow.

9. Lake House

Imagine a peaceful evening by the lake, represented in this gorgeous wallpaper. This scene is a testament to the beauty of quiet moments, where the house, the shimmering lake, and the majestic trees unite in perfect harmony.

10. Cloudy Mountain

Cloudy Mountain Wallpaper

The mountains hit through dramatic dark clouds, their peaks shrouded in fog. Two majestic summits stand tall, embodying nature’s grandeur and the power of elevation. This scene captures the allure of hidden heights and the enchantment of cloud-kissed landscapes.

11. Colossal Mountains

Icy Mountain Wallpaper

Enter a world of breathtaking natural wonders with this remarkable wallpaper. Picture a magnificent river carving its path between two colossal mountains, like a ribbon of life amidst towering giants. These mountains, ancient and enduring, stand as guardians of the valley they embrace.

12. Towering Trio

Towering Trio Desktop Wallpaper

Imagine a breathtaking scene where three majestic mountains stand shoulder to shoulder, creating an awe-inspiring natural formation. In front of this towering trio lies a pristine lake, its calm waters mirroring the grandeur of the peaks. It’s a serene and harmonious landscape that invites you to lose yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature’s symmetry.

13. Shaky Mountain

Visualize a captivating spectacle where a snow-covered, shaky mountain becomes a work of art as it reflects itself in the tranquil embrace of a pristine lake. The mountain’s rugged contours and the delicate snow covering create a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow on the water’s surface.

14. Strak Beauty

Dry Mountain Wallpaper

This landscape is a stark beauty. Where dry rugged mountains stretch out under a clear sky. At their peaks, a delicate dusting of snow adds a touch of contrast and magic. This scene encapsulates the essence of nature’s resilience, with the arid terrain juxtaposed against the fleeting touch of winter’s embrace.

15. Majestic Mountain Rise

Northern Lights with Mountain

If you are a true Northern Lights lover then this mountain desktop wallpaper is for you. A visual symphony that captures the enchantment of nature’s most breathtaking displays. In this wallpaper, the night sky dances with vibrant hues of the Northern lights. Against this celestial canvas, four majestic mountains rise, half-draped in a pristine blanket of snow.


We’ve painted dazzling landscapes, from calm lakesides to majestic mountains decorated with snow and lighted by Northern lights. These shared visions remind us of nature’s awe-inspiring beauty, sparking appreciation for the world around us.

You can download and use all of the Mountain Desktop Wallpapers above because all of these beautiful wallpapers are free to use. We also share some latest iPhone wallpapers for our lovely community.