Let’s explore the collection of the world’s most stunning and exotic mountain desktop wallpapers. You can download these captivating mountain wallpapers to give a new look to your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

All the wallpapers listed below are available with zero royalty. Feel free to download whichever wallpaper you like.

Best Mountain Desktop Wallpapers

Some of us are very attached to nature and we always look for wallpapers to enhance the look of our desktop screens. That’s why we’ve found the best mountain desktop wallpapers for you. Let’s dive in to see the beautiful wallpapers for mountains.

1. Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

2. Stepantsminda


3. Fanjingshan


4. Iztaccíhuatl Mountain

Iztaccíhuatl Mountain

5. Khustup Mount

 Khustup Mount

6. Moraine Lake Mountain

Moraine Lake Mountain

7. Braies

Braies mountain wallpaper

8. Night at Lake

Night at Lake wallpaper

9. Lake House

Lake House wallpaper for desktop

10. Cloudy Mountain

Cloudy Mountain Wallpaper

11. Colossal Mountains

Icy Mountain Wallpaper

12. Towering Trio

Towering Trio Desktop Wallpaper

13. Shaky Mountain

Shaky Mountain wallpaper

14. Strak Beauty

Dry Mountain Wallpaper

15. Majestic Mountain Rise

Northern Lights with Mountain


You can download and use all of the Wallpapers that are listed above because all of these beautiful wallpapers are free to use. We also share some latest iPhone wallpapers for our lovely community.

If you want more ideas for desktop wallpapers you can visit Pexels and Pixabay.