Did you find the perfect WordPress Theme for your Pet store? Well if you haven’t found it let us help you to find the best Pet WordPress theme.

If you are looking to place your business in this competitive market of pets, you still have a great chance to do so. Our team found some of the best and most professional pet store themes for your pet business.

As a pet store owner, it’s vital to have a website that captures everyone’s attention and on the basis of a good digital presence, you will cover a larger audience.

All the following themes have every single feature to overcome any problem that you’ll face during your online presence.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pet Store Theme

Whenever you decide to buy a WordPress theme for your Pet business you should consider all of the following features. If you don’t consider them you will end up choosing the wrong Pet Store WordPress theme.

Easy Setup & Customization

There are a lot of business owners who don’t have time to spend and learn coding skills. So you have to pick a Pet Store WordPress theme that has easy initial setup and customization. It will help you to set up and you can give a stunning look to your store with the simple drag and drop.

Responsive & SEO Friendly

Once you decide to buy a WordPress theme, you should buy a pet store theme that is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. Your store will get traffic from all types of devices, this has to be your first priority.

WooCommerce Inclusion

This is the most important thing to consider. The inclusion of WooCommerce will simplify your operations and save you the most valuable time to plan your next move. So do check this feature before buying any theme.

Best WordPress Themes for Pet Store

Now you understand what you need to look for whenever you buy a Pet store WordPress theme. It’s time to show you the best collection of Pet Store WordPress Themes to boost your business to new heights and make it a profitable one. Here are my top selections for the finest pet store WordPress themes in 2023.

1. Pawsitive – Best Pet Store Theme

Pawsitives WordPress Theme

The Paswitive is one of the best Pet Store WordPress themes because it has the most playful designs that will attract every pet owner. This theme also includes a page builder that is developed by the same creator who designed the theme and allows you to easily customize the text and photos with your own content.

One more thing is that this theme has the most beautiful pre-made pages and you can easily import those pages as shown in the image. This WP theme offers 3 demos and 9 home pages and every page has its own sleek and capitative design.

Overall this theme gives you complete control over everything that can be images, sections, tables, sliders, and many more.

2. Grooming – Veterinary Physician WordPress Theme

Pet Grooming WordPress Theme

Grooming stands out as one of the top-notch pet store WordPress themes and this theme is capable of driving both revenue and customer engagement. If you are a beginner you don’t need to worry because this theme comes with comprehensive documentation that can be a perfect resource.

When it comes to customizing and crafting the pages of your website, WP-Bakery is your go-to tool to achieve your desired result and I must say it will smoothen the process for you.

You just have to click on download and this theme will adapt according to all smart devices. It also ensures that your website looks great and covers all the basic aspects that anyone has to consider before buying a theme.

3. Kreme – Pet & Shop WordPress Theme

Kreme WordPress Theme

There are numerous WordPress themes for pet stores and pet businesses but Kreme stands out as one of the most reliable pet Store WordPress themes. The best thing about this theme is that it is responsive and fast.

You can create a mind-blowing landing page and add multiple features with just one click. Kreme offers two landing page designs and you can choose whichever suits your business needs.

If you compare this theme to other pet store themes it has the most compelling and appealing design. Other than that if you get stuck in any problem and page building the WP-Bakery will be there to solve your every problem.

Newcomers can use this theme to change their testing and furthermore, it is incorporated with the WooCommerce functionality which will ease your work.

4. Petio – Pet Store WooCommerce Theme

Petio WordPress Theme

If you are aware of Bootstrap then this pet store WordPress theme is for you because it utilizes Bootstrap as its core framework. This theme is one of the best pet store WordPress themes.

Petio is a WP theme that is specially designed to fulfill all the needs of pet store owners because this theme not only prioritizes showcasing the products but also includes features to spotlight particular items or services.

It includes 8+ pre-designed home pages to choose from, a 360-degree product view, Ajax sidebar, and it also supports multi-currency. Now you can launch your pet store in this digital world with no worries.

5. Pet World – Animal Care WordPress Theme

 Pet World WordPress Theme

Pet World is the most versatile and suitable theme for businesses such as adoption, veterinary services, and grooming. It provides 4 pre-designed demos that serve as an excellent starting point for your website.

Its visually appealing design is fully responsive which ensures a smooth look on all user devices. Moreover, this WP pet store theme is fully SEO-optimized and will help you rank higher in search results.

Sometimes we pick a theme in a hurry that does not support plugins but in this theme, everything is covered. You can integrate with essential plugins like All in One SEO Pack and Tribe Events to expand the overall functionality.

Pet World also gives you the freedom to style your header style with 4 different options and you can design the layout according to your needs.

6. VETS – Veterinary Medical Health Clinic WP Theme

VETS WordPress Theme

Do you know about Gutenberg’s editor? If not don’t worry, let us guide you. Gutenberg is the easiest editor for WordPress editing and this theme is compatible with it.

VETS is a versatile and suitable option for pet care websites and it offers features like a drag-and-drop page builder, 15 custom widgets, compatibility with ECWID, and many more.

It also supports multi-languages, So you can start your business in any corner of the world. You can also create customer widgets and it’s also compatible with WPML.

If you plan to sell online, Get this theme and take advantage of the robust admin panel to gain more control over your website and experiment with theme settings to boost your sales.

7. Pets Club – Best Pet Shop WordPress Theme

Pets Club WordPress Theme

If you’re in search of a pre-designed WordPress theme for websites related to animals, Pet Club is an excellent option. It boasts complete responsiveness, multifunctionality, and offers three pre-designed demo skins.

This beginner-friendly WordPress theme is crafted using the Elementor page builder, which will ease the workload. This theme is made with Elementor Page Builder and the compatibility with WooCommerce allows us to design pet stores for e-commerce businesses.

If you ask for my opinion this theme will be a great companion for your pet store business because it has everything that a pet business owner looks for.

8. Pet Store – WordPress Theme

Pet Store WordPress Theme

If you’re desiring a speedy website launch, Pet Store is an excellent choice among all the pet store WordPress themes. It boasts a clean and attractive design that looks fantastic on all devices.

With the WooCommerce shop plugin compatibility, you can showcase your pets and collections in a visually appealing manner. You can also improve the uniqueness of your pages by utilizing custom page widgets and shortcodes.

Moreover, this theme supports the WPML plugin, which allows you to create multilingual websites for you and your clients. Additionally, you can take it a step further by starting a blog, which serves as a valuable tool for promoting your business and sharing lesser-known benefits.

9. Petz – Pet Care & Veterinary Theme

Petz WordPress Theme

Are you looking to effectively expand your business’s reach? We’ve found the perfect and one of the top WordPress themes for your pet store business.

This theme integrates with Elementor as its primary page builder and you’ll experience user-friendliness right from the start.

If you’re a dog trainer you should also choose this theme because it’s responsive, integrated SEO plugins, is Speed optimized, and you will get a Video parallax slider.

All the extensive array of features and customization options of Petz make it the most suitable WordPress theme for a wide range of pet and animal care websites.

10. Viva – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Viva WordPress Theme

Utilize the Viva WordPress theme to design a modern and welcoming website for a pet shop, veterinarian clinic, or any other animal care service. The design of this WP theme is sleek and straightforward, which makes it ideal for showcasing high-quality images and capturing leads.

Moreover, Viva comes with a bundled page builder plugin and boasts a selection of 30+ complete demo sites. Each demo features a customized homepage, an eCommerce storefront, a blog, and more.

You can effortlessly import any of these demos to create your own site according to your needs. So what are you waiting for, you’re just a few clicks away from creating a stunning website to increase your sales.


Selecting the perfect Pet Store WordPress theme might be difficult for beginners because you need a pet store website that has a balance between aesthetics, usability, and flexibility.

In my opinion, themes such as Pawsitive offer visually appealing designs and tailored features specifically designed for pet stores, while options like Grooming excel as versatile themes capable of catering to a range of website needs.

After reading the whole article, do select the right theme that goes best with your business needs but I must say all the options that are listed above will fulfill your needs.

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