So Finally Apple has joined the AI arms race and it’s going to be insane in the AI world. Apple hasn’t been involved as companies like Google and Microsoft opened AI. These companies have launched AI products such as Chat GPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing Chat. Apple has focused on enhancing its current AI features like Siri, photos, and auto-correct.

However, This is changing a recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark German a trusted source for Apple. News says Apple plans to use its own generative AI in all its devices and services.

The Company has been working on its own LLM Framework Called AJAX. Since 2022 which has been built on top of Google Jack machine learning framework runs on Google Cloud servers.

What is AJAX? (Asynchronous Javascript and XML)

AJAX is a web development technique that helps to create highly responsive, near-desktop software-like user experience web applications. AJAX is said to be more capable than the previous generation of chatGPT 3.5.

Apple has also developed an internal chatbot that some Engineers call Apple GPT which runs on AJAX
and is used for product prototyping.

The company is reportedly spending $1 billion per year on developing its generative AI products that’s a huge amount of money even for a company as rich as Apple.

It shows how serious Apple is about catching up with its competitors in the AI domain. Currently, the AI project is guided by three top Apple Executives following.


The head of machine learning and AI strategy at Apple is in charge of team developing
The core technology for AI. His team is also working on enhancing Siri Apple’s digital assistance with this new AI.


The head of Software engineering at Apple is focusing on integrating AI features into the IOS operating system. His team’s effort will also ensure AI is well integrated with apps like Siri, messaging, and index code.


in charge of internet software and services has a team working on adding AI capabilities to various apps. Bloomberg mentions that this includes apps like Music Pages Keynote and those used for customer service.

How does Apple AI work on Apple Music?

Apple Music

Apple Music streaming platform with generative AI could make a playlist automatically for you considering your past song choices or current mood it might all suggest fresh tracks or artists that match your musical preferences.

Generative AI can be used in many of Apple’s software including pages. keynote, Xcode, and customer service apps.

How Apple will Implement Generative AI?

This is a big question about how Apple will implement generative AI across its devices services experts are discussing two main methods.



Let’s talk about On-Device AI. This AI works directly on your device, not sending data to the cloud. This approach for privacy security saves data usage and battery life but it might not be as powerful because of the device’s hardware limitations.


Cloud-based AI processes the AI on remote servers. This means data is exchanged between your device and these servers this method can be more powerful and can be updated faster but it might raise questions about privacy security and could use more data and battery.

How will Apple AI Contribute to Privacy?

Apple Privacy

Apple values user privacy and security so many of its current AI features work on the device
However, Generative AI needs a lot of hardware and data which is why many companies use the cloud-based approach it’s unclear whether Apple will choose to stay with on-device AI move to cloud-based, or combine both.

Apple’s AI Future Plans

Apple hasn’t shared its generative AI plans but we can be sure that Apple will aim to give the user the best experience while keeping their privacy and security in mind. Apple has a history of waiting until it has robust and polished technology before entering the market.

That is why Apple often launches its products later than its competitors but also delivers superior quality and design we can expect the same thing with generative AI. Apple may not be the first to launch a generative AI product but may be the best

What does this mean to you as an Apple user?

It means exciting updates and improvements in your favorite Apple. Apps are on the horizon here’s what to look forward to when it comes to Siri Apple’s voice assistant available on all their devices. It’s already smart thanks to AI and machine learning with generative AI.

Siri could become even more intelligent and conversational you could ask Siri any question and receive a natural relevant answer.

It could also make personalized music playlists for you based on your feelings and likes. Even making gifs or memes from your photos or videos could be possible then there are messages.

Apple apps for texting calling and more generative Artificial intelligence could enhance it by suggesting possible replies or reactions depending on chat. It might even craft personalized stickers or emojis reflecting your facial expressions or tastes.


Let’s Wrap up the story and I think you’ve got enough information to understand where Apple is heading. Apple is a Trillion Dollars company and she would do anything to sustain herself and win in the market.

Overall, it is good for everyone because it will enhance our productivity in every aspect. If you like our Articles please share your valuable thoughts on this with a comment.

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